The Introduction


My name is Victoria Jane and this is my new corner of the internet.

I’ve used social media and blogging sites for a long time – I’ve been using Tumblr since before it was cool – and, like most people these days, a lot of my life is already online.

So why start this blog?

I used to be a writer. I hold a Masters degree in Writing For Young People, I’ve worked on newspapers and even had freelance pieces published in local papers. I’ve written novels, short stories and picture books. I used to write every day and using social media and blogging sites was a natural extension of that.

And then, about eighteen months ago, everything changed. I couldn’t gather my thoughts enough to write them down, I couldn’t find the creativity to write fiction and it just…stopped.

I still don’t know what happened or why but it did. And I have missed it.

So this little project is an effort to try and bring my brain – and my creativity – back to life again.

My aim is simple; one blog post, every Sunday, for a year.

The posts will be a mixture of life updates, photographs and recipes, as well as discussions on some of the things that I want to talk about, such as mental health, step parenting and feminism.

I’m not going to limit myself to a word count or put any pressure on them all being ‘perfect’, I just want to get something down each week and posting it online will hold me to it.

And if any of that sounds interesting to you, feel free to stick around and see how I get on!

This is 29.

VJ x



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