Dinner at The Pig

Two weeks ago, Gary’s mum, Christine, came home from America.

She has lived out there for over a decade and at the start of this year, she made the decision to move back to the UK for good.

We couldn’t be happier that she’s home and it was also an excellent excuse to go for dinner at our very favourite place, The Pig near Bath…


The Pig is a small chain of beautiful resturants and hotels, all of which have a relaxed yet luxurious feel to them. All of their produce is from within a 25 mile radius and a lot of it comes direct from the gardens on site.

The menu’s change daily, depending on what they have fresh that day, and we always have the most wonderful time whenever we go. Gary treated me to a stay in one of their rooms for my 28th birthday and it’s easily the best place we’ve stayed in – and we’ve been lucky enough to stay in some nice places!

So we got dressed up and off we went!


We arrived early for our table and went through into the bar for some drinks. The fire was roaring, we managed to grab a comfy sofa and had a lovely half an hour, drinking freshly made cocktails and catching up.

Our lovely waitress also came through and explained some of the items on the menu – the chef at the Bath site is currently Polish and he has incorporated some of his family receipes into the meals – and then we went into the dining room.


The dining room stretches the length of the back of the beautiful Georgian villa and it really feels like you’re in someones luxurious and comfortable kitchen.

We had a round table at the back of the room, which was great because we could look out over the rest of the room but we felt cosy and private at the same time.

Before we knew it, the food started to arrive and boy! It didn’t disappoint!

The menu at The Pig has a couuple of different starter options; they have ‘Piggy Bits’ which are small plates and they have normal sized starter plates. We decided to choose a few Piggy Bits and a couple of starters and then share everything, as there were too many delicious options to choose from!

We ended up with; smoked salmon with pickled cucumber, halloumi cheese with fresh beetroot, pork cracking with apple sauce (I don’t even like pork cracking but I love the cracking at the Pig!), pancetta with turnip, bacon jam on toast and tiny Scotch eggs that were packed full of flavour.

Once we’d finished with the starters, the waitress whisked our plates away, refilled all our glasses and before we knew it, the main courses had arrived.

Christine had a beautifully dressed crab, Gary and his dad both went for lamb on a bed of delicious cabbage and bacon that was BURSTING with flavour and Dean and I both had the steak, which comes with triple cooked chips and is easily the best I’d ever had.

img_8404One of the reasons we love The Pig so much is the atmosphere.

It’s so relaxed and friendly and whilst we had chosen to dress up to celebrate Christine’s return, we could also have turned up in jeans and t-shirts and the staff wouldn’t have batted an eye lid.

We all had a wonderful time; catching up, laughing and exclaiming over how delicious our food was.

And of course, there was one final joy to come…dessert.

IMG_8409.JPGI only managed to snap a picture of my dessert – I blame the wine! – but everything that came out was beautiful and was a very fitting end to a lovely meal.

Christine had creme brulee, Terry went for a wild berry cheesecake, Gary had the most creamy rice pudding I’ve ever tasted and Dean decided to have a cup of their wonderfully fresh coffee.

Oh, and mine? It was a chocolate mousse with rosemary (which sounds awful but trust me, it was heavenly!), a chocolate crumble and butternut squash ice cream and I have to admit, I was sad when it was gone!


We had a brilliant evening at the Pig and if you’re looking for somewhere special to have a relaxed but high quality meal, I can’t recommend it enough.

I can’t wait to go back soon!

VJ x

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