Hair Donation 2016

Two years ago, I grew and donated almost fifteen inches of my hair to The Little Princess Trust.


At the time, I was inspired by a Youtuber called Carrie Hope Fletcher, who was doing the same thing, and was moved to tears after watching some of the videos on the LPT website and reading about what they do.

The other driving force for me was watching several people close to me who were dealing with cancer. Watching them struggle with losing their hair, as well as the other awful side effects of the treatment, made me want to do something to help.

So, I grew my hair long and after raising just over £500.00 in sponsorship for the mental health charity Mind – a charity very close to my heart – I had it cut to the shortest length of my life.


My manager, Jean, is a member of the Wells Rotary Club and so fund raising and charity work is always part of the discussion in our office.

I can’t give blood, because of a previous medical condition, and I am not someone who has any urge to go out and run a marathon.

But one thing I can do, is grow my hair.

I’m very lucky that it grows quickly and thickly and if it can help someone – then why not do it?

So I agreed at the start of the year to donate my hair for a second time and my colleague, Lauren, also volunteered.


The Little Princess Trust was started in 2006 by Wendy and Simon Tarplee, after their daughter, Hannah, sadly died from a Wilms tumour.

There are several hair donation charities but after a lot of online research, it became clear that they were the best option for the following reasons:

  1. They are the only UK based charity who don’t take a profit from hair donation.
  2. They custom make the wigs for each child, meaning that they are as comfortable as possible. Not all wig charities do this.
  3. They never sell the hair under any circumstances.
  4. The wig is cut and styled exactly as the child wants it, meaning that they can have the choice on how they look.
  5. They also provide wigs for boys, not just girls.



The Rotary supported charity for this year is Heads Up Somerset.

They work with adults who have mental health issues, offering support, advice and practical classes and workshops, to help people feel more able to take care of themselves and to go back into the world.

They are currently fund raising to create a new garden at their site in Wells, so that they can offer outside classes, yoga sessions and a peaceful place for both their clients and their carers to be.

They need £1000.00 to finish the project and so Lauren and I have pledged to help as much as possible.


Our Just Giving page was launched this week and we’ve already reached almost £700.00!

We obviously want to raise as much as possible and anything over £1000.00 will go towards helping Heads Up to provide more support and help to the local community.

And on 2nd December, at 10.30am, we will both be having our plaits chopped off – so any tips on very short hair would be much appreciated!

If you would like donate to help us reach our target, please click the link above – any help is very gratefully receieved! Please also share this link where you can and help us to spread the word.

And stand by for updates 🙂

VJ x


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