Dear Charlie James,

Tomorrow, you turn seven.

We don’t get to see you on Mondays, so we celebrated you today with food (you requested roast chicken with pigs in blankets and then Nanny made you the most delicious chocolate birthday cake), board games, presents and lots of family time.

This year, you have changed and grown in so many ways.

You can now read fluently and can write most words without help, which makes my heart so happy. Your maths is off the chart and it won’t be long before you’re way above my level! You’ve also developed your own sense of style and have a strong opinion on how you want your hair – regardless of what your dad and I think! Your Ninja skills have also come on leaps and bounds and you’re due to grade for the second time after Christmas. All of your baby fat has disappeared and you’re suddenly all arms and legs. You’ve lost three baby teeth so far and we’ve been lucky enough to be with you when each one has popped out. I’m also sure that you’ve grown at least a foot this year; you’re closing in on Nanny!

Dad and I are both so proud of you kiddo; you are a sweet, funny, curious and generous soul who brings so much light to our lives.

To celebrate you turning seven, I thought I’d post my favourite pictures from the past year; one from each month.

November 2015:


December 2015:


January 2016:


February 2016:


March 2016:


April 2016:


May 2016:


June 2016:


July 2016:


August 2016:


September 2016:


October 2016


November 2016:


Happy Birthday CJ, you are so loved.

VJ x

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