Chop chop!

As you may remember from this post, I pledged at the start of the year to donate my hair to The Little Princess Trust.

My colleague, Lauren, also agreed to join me and a few weeks ago, the lovely Amy from one of the schools in Wells also came aboard.

We’ve also been fundraising for Heads Up Somerset, in the hope of  being able to raise enough to be able to help them finish creating their new garden at their Wells site.

And after months of talking about it, on Friday it was time to finally take the scissors to our plaits…


The wonderful Glamour and Grooming Bar in Wells had very generously agreed to host the cut and had also offered to style what was left of our hair afterwards!

We all had our hair measured, agreed on styles for what would be left and then, there was really only one thing for it…






With a massive twenty-seven inches of hair donated between us, it was a big change but it felt great to know that it will be going to help children who have lost their own hair.

We have also raised £1423.20 so far, which is amazing and will go a long way towards helping Heads Up finish their garden.


I’d also like to say a massive thank you to the ladies at Glamour and Grooming Bar, they were so welcoming and made us feel so special.


The Just Giving Page will run for another two weeks, so if you’d like to donate then please click on the link – the minimum donation amount is £2.00 and all currancies are accepted!

Now, I’m off to shop for some scarves, my neck is rather chilly…!

VJ x


1 thought on “Chop chop!”

  1. Brilliant, I shaved my head completely for charity 4 years ago now, all my hair went to the Princess Trust and I raised £3k for children like my son.

    I found it be a very freeing experience xx


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