Christmas with the Atheists

Gary and I are both atheists.

We don’t believe in any form of God, in the afterlife or reincarnation.

I wasn’t raised in a religious household, although a lot of my wider family do hold Christian belief in various forms, and whilst I’ve studied lots of different religions, I have never been able to connect to any of them.

And some think that that sounds bleak or stark but for me, I believe in only one thing and that is human beings.

I believe in love, in helping each other and that – despite all the darkness in the world – that humans are basically good and kind.

I believe in science, in human ingenuity and the thought that we are all masters of our own lives.

And whilst I don’t personally hold religious views, I would always argue that people should have the freedom to believe whatever rings true to them. I have at times envied people who do believe, because I can see the comfort and strength that it brings to them. Religion is obviously far too big a topic to get into on this platform but, for me, as long as no one is being hurt, people should have the right to believe and practice whatever they want to.

Religion just isn’t a part of my day to day life, and that doesn’t change at Christmas.


I had a really interesting conversation about Christmas with a Catholic friend of mine this week, who asked a question that has been on my mind ever since;

What does Christmas mean to you?

To me, Christmas is about love. It’s about family. It’s about reflection. It’s about winding down the old year and preparing for a new one. It’s about thinking about the people I care about and celebrating them by taking the time to find them gifts and cards. It’s about that small slice of time where the world hushes and everyone stops. It’s about fun and laughter and twinkly lights. It’s about giving.

What does Christmas mean to me?



So, however you celebrate the end of the year, I hope you do it surrounded by the people you care about, because however you view this time of year, it’s all about one thing;


Merry Christmas from the Atheists.

VJ x


2 thoughts on “Christmas with the Atheists”

  1. I too don’t believe in any religion for similar reasons, I do like to believe there is another life but in a different way.

    Christmas for me is exactly what you wrote, about the magic in my Childrens eyes, about seeing happiness in the people around me xx


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