Yesterday, we said goodbye to your sister – 2016 – and today we make a fresh start with you.


There are plenty of far more skilled writers who will reflect on the last year and what it has meant to us all, and I have to admit that whilst there was a lot of darkness around us in 2016, the word that sums up my year is; steady.

2016 was the year that life finally settled into a rhythm for me and I was able to discard many of the weights that I’ve been carrying for so long. It was the year that I accepted myself and learned how to ask for what I need, without feeling guilty for it. I learned to say no when I need to but also to say yes at the right time.

There is no such thing as a perfect year but mine was certainly a good one. You can’t have light without shade but I was lucky that for me, the good far outweighed the bad.

So, that was last year.

But what about you, 2017?

I always start the year with the same three goals in mind – eat healthier, drink more water, read at least thirty books – and you are no different, but I am also starting this year with the following thought at the forefront of my mind;

Live fully,

Give freely,

Love loudly.

Come on then 2017; lets see what you have in store.


VJ x

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