I have never been bothered about getting married.

It’s one of those things that has never been high up on my  list of priorities and, as Gary is divorced, I never thought that it would be something that would happen for us.

But what a difference a day makes…


On Friday evening, after a lovely meal with Gary’s parents and brother, we came home and crashed out on the sofa. As we were watching some trashy TV, he turned to me and said that he had booked a table at my favourite resturant, The Pig, for Saturday lunchtime.

I’ve written before about how much I love The Pig, so this was really exciting and really romantic, as it was ‘just because’ he wanted to cheer me up after a tough few weeks.

We woke up slowly the next morning and I spent a couple of hours having a good soak in the bath, sorting my skin out and doing my nails. After a busy few weeks, it was nice to get ready slowly and not feel rushed.

We took a quick selfie (above) before we left and then off we went!


We started off with some drinks in the lounge (I had a delicious rum cocktail with raspberry jam from the kitchen gardens, orange and mint and Gary had one of the Pig beers) and it was lovely to just sit back, relax and soak up the beautiful surroundings.

Then we were whisked through, into the conversatory for lunch and had the most delicious three courses. Pork crackling, scotch eggs, chipolatas and “cheese and pineapple” (which turned out to be pickled veggies with hunks of the creamiest cheese I’ve ever tasted) were shared as starters, followed by venison cottage pie for me and slow cooked roast lamb for him as mains. And then dessert; rice pudding with blackcurrent jam for me and treacle tart with fresh ice cream for him. Plus a scrummy glass of Pinot Noir for me – perfect!


Happy and relaxed, we drove home and as we came through the door, I noticed that the door to the lounge was closed.

When we were heading out to go to The Pig, Gary had doubled back ‘to get some extra cash’ but as it turns out, he was arranging my surprise…


Inside the box was the most beautiful book, which Gary had made from scratch, and was full of handwritten notes from Gary, photographs of us and quotes from poems, songs and films. One day I might post some of it, but for now it feels like something I want to keep private. But trust me, it is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever been given!

At the end of the book was a tiny envelope, inside of which was a Harry Potter ring. I laughed when I saw it and thought it was just a cute, romantic thing that he had done.

And then he shocked me completely, by getting down one on knee and asking me to be his wife.

I burst into tears but eventually managed to say ‘yes!’


We then made a flurry of phonecalls to shocked family members and friends and spent the rest of the evening giggly and happy, as well as cracking open the bottle of champagne that Gary had stashed in the fridge.


Today we have been to buy a ‘proper’ engagment ring – although I plan to wear the Harry Potter one from time to time! – which will be ready to collect next weekend and in the meantime, I’m wearing a ring that Gary bought me for our first Christmas on my wedding finger. It feels a bit strange but so so lovely!

We’re in no rush to plan the wedding and it definitely won’t be this year, we just want to enjoy this time in our life and to soak in all the love and excitement from our friends and family.

And this is a post I’d never thought I’d write – I have a fiancé!


VJ x

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