Happy Birthday, Handsome.

I love birthdays. And I love Gary. So for me, Gary’s birthday is one of the highlights of the year.

As a general rule, we don’t really buy each other stuff. We will get tokens to open on the day, but the main present will always be a trip away or tickets for a gig or something to do. A memory to make.

This year, we had Charlie on the weekend before Gary’s birthday (which was on Wednesday). This worked out well, because we could have the big family celebration on the Sunday before, which also happened to be Mothers Day, and so we could celebrate Christine’s first Mothers Day at home with us as well.

Charlie is now at an age where we are trying to encourage him to actively think about the gifts that he gives to people and to make sure that he is part of the gift giving process. He is really into this and settled on the Trolls DVD, some chocolate and Gary’s favourite nuts as gifts for his dad, along with a card with a fart joke on the front – which is a seven year old for you!

And on Sunday morning, Gary got the traditional birthday morning wake up…

Gary opened his gifts from Charlie, a couple of bits from me (Rag n Bone Man’s album on vinyl, a Star Wars mug and a new leather bookmark) and his cards, and we had our usua birthday morning fry-up.

Then the boys went off to get ready and I got the roast lunch prepped. Soon, Gary’s parents and brother arrived and we all had a lovely time, playing board games, being silly and eating lunch! We also enjoyed the delicious chocolate hedgehog cake that Christine had made!





I had already told Gary a few weeks before that I had booked us this cabin in Cornwall for two nights, because we’ve both found that we both like to have a chance to look at what is around wherever we’re going and to be part of the planning of our next adventure.

We had both booked Tuesday-Thursday off work but when he came back from dropping Charlie back to his mum on Sunday, I had a little surprise to tell him about…


What he didn’t know was that I had extended our trip by booking an extra night (Monday night) in a hotel in Exeter, which was about halfway between home and the cabin. It meant that we would be leaving straight after work on Monday and the look on his face when he realised was just brilliant! And hey, romance goes both ways and sometimes it’s nice to throw in a little extra surprise!

So, after tough Mondays at work for both of us, we tucked away our suits and briefcases, made sure our ‘out of office’ emails were switched on and off we went…




We had a lovely night at the Mecure Hotel in Exeter and then after breakfast and a quick wander around the city centre, we got back in the car and headed down into the depths of Cornwall.

I had chosen this cabin because it was private, it was close to lots of little towns and it would give us what we were both craving; a little bit of peace and quiet.

With the wedding (have I mentioned that we’re getting married?!), busy jobs, Charlie and just the hustle of general life, we have both been feeling pretty worn out. So the promise of three days of having no pressure and nothing to do was something special.

The lovely Emma, who owns the cabin, had text me a few times the day before and on the morning we were due to arrive, just to let me know that the cabin was ready and waiting for us.

And it did not let us down.







That was the first thought that came to mind when we walked in. Everything was calm.

It’s a beautiful space, full of light and comfort and peacefulness. It was everything that we were hoping for.

And there were so many lovely little touches; soft blankets in the reading space, fresh milk in the fridge and even a batch of homemade (and delicious!) brownies.

We ventured out to a brilliant local pub for a pint and some food and then came back, got the fire burning and curled up for a cosy and peaceful evening.


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