Black Thunder.

Ever since I’ve known him, Gary has wanted a Harley Davidson.

He has always ridden bikes and he previously had a small Harley, but it wasn’t The One.

So when he got a bonus from work, there was really only one thing to do with it…






It’s a Harley Davidson Breakout and it’s the bike that he has been dreaming about for his whole life.

After five years of saving and MONTHS of research and planning, he finally found the perfect bike two weeks ago and we collected it yesterday.

It’s an amazing bike and I know that we will have so many fun adventures on it together!

I am also so happy that he finally got what he has always wanted. He always uses his bonus on things for other people and it’s great to see him use this money to properly spoil himself.

And as for the nickname it’s been given? Well, listen to this…

You’ll certainly hear us coming…


VJ x

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