(Yes, I’m STILL blogging from my phone, so this will be short but sweet…)

I’ve been struggling this week; I think it’s a mixture of everything that we have going on with the wedding, work being so intense and the feeling of desperately needing a holiday (but that will have to wait until September!).

I just feel tired and rundown and a bit…blah.

It’s now been six months since we got engaged (how?!) and so my engagement ring was due for its first clean.

Not wanting to drag Charlie across Bristol on a Saturday afternoon, we decided that I would take my ring in and Gary would hang out at home with the boy. And so I ended up with an unexpected solo trip to Cribbs Causeway…

It felt odd to fly solo on a Charlie weekend, as our time with him is scarce and therefore precious, but it was also nice to have a chance to potter around the shops alone and to go where I fancied. It was also HEAVING, so we defintely made the right choice about me going alone!

And whilst I waiting for my ring to be spruced up, I couldn’t resist getting a few little treats…


‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood is probably my favourite book (which is a big statement, given how much I love to read!) and I have a much bigger post planned, once I can write properly on my laptop. I already have three copies of it (including one signed copy!) but I can never resist another one, particularly if it has a beautiful cover.

I’ve also heard great things about ‘The Power’ by Naomi Alderman and it was recommended by one of the lovely ladies in Waterstones, so hopefully it will live up to the hype!


I love to send postcards to my friends at random, just to say hello and brighten their day (adult life involves far too many bills and scary bits of post!) and so I picked up a few new ones from Paperchase. I have two people in mind for a couple of them and I’m sure I’ll find receipients for the others.


A friend of mine is coming to visit in August and her favourite flowers are peonies. So when I saw a little peony scented candle, I just had to have it. And the fresh cut roses one smells so glorious that I grabbed that one too, for the lounge. I love to have scents that match the season and they are both really fresh and summery!


Gary’s brother, Dean, celebrated his birthday this week and today we’ve had the traditional family roast. Which meant that yesterday, I needed to get him a balloon (in our house birthdays mean presents, cake, roast lunch and a giant balloon!). He loves Minions (and I knew it would make Charlie laugh!) so I grabbed the biggest Minion balloon that I could find!


And finally, I couldn’t come home without a little something for the boys!

I saw these Hogwarts House pins in Waterstones and grabbed one for each of us (Charlie is a Slytherin, I’m a Ravenclaw and Gary is a Gryffindor), which went down very well. House pride is very important in this family!


Now obviously, a few candles and couple of books haven’t solved anything but it was nice to have a couple of hours to myself and to have some little treats to bring home. Sometimes a little break from real life can help soothe the soul.

And look how sparkly my ring is now! I had no idea that it would make such a difference!


VJ x

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