That’s Not My Cat!

(Our internet still doesn’t work. I don’t want to discuss Talk Talk. And Netflix seems like a very distant memory….)

Gary was away for work on Wednesday night and so after collecting the trial run for the wedding menus (the fact that I waited to eat it until he got home the following day is proof of true love!), I headed home and settled in for a quiet night.

I ate dinner, tackled a few chores and then went upstairs, planning to have a pamper night. You know; manicure, pedicure, hair mask, face mask, bubble bath…

I flopped onto our bed for a moment (have I mentioned that work is manic and life is at full tilt at the moment?!), and that is when I heard it.


I rolled over onto my back and listened.


I knew that Cass was downstairs and I had all the windows closed, so it wasn’t coming from outside.


Sitting up, I moved to the edge of the bed and hung my head over the side, to look underneath.


A black and white cat was peering at me from under the bed, curled up on our overnight bags, colouring books and the usual assorted crap that seems to gather under the bed.

Oh. Shit.

I got up off the bed and crouched next to it, keeping my eyes on the cat. He (I knew it was a boy cat, no idea how!) didn’t seem that bothered and just kept staring at me, occasionally mewing in a slightly husky voice.

This was not my cat.


After a slightly panicked phone call to Gary, I closed our bedroom door to stop the cat escaping and I closed Cassidy into the lounge, to stop her from getting worked up. She didn’t seem the least bit bothered at this point and was sound asleep on the sofa.

I also called my friend, Layla, who works with the Cats Protection League and she said that she would make some calls, to see if she could find a space for him for the night. I also called our local vet, but they would only take him if he was badly injured.

Whilst I waited for Layla to call me back, I managed to coax him out from under the bed with a few treats.

He was a very handsome chap and really friendly; he curled up on my lap and purred like an engine, occasionally chirping if I stopped fussing him. He felt a bit skinny and had a patch of fur missing from the back of his neck but otherwise, he was in good condition. No collar and I couldn’t feel a chip in his neck anywhere.

Layla phoned back to say that the Cats Protection League didn’t have any spaces for the night but that she would come over with her boyfriend, Hannes, as they have a scanner and we could be sure if the cat was tagged or not.

Whilst I waited for them, I took some photographs of the cat and did a quick lap of the neighbourhood, knocking on doors to see if anyone recognised him. No one did but a few people suggested that I put him on a couple of local Facebook groups, so I went home and requested to be added.

I also called Gary back and updated him. I explained that I couldn’t bring myself to just kick the cat back outside but that we obviously couldn’t keep him either. Cassidy had caught wind of what was happening by this point and was getting really agitated and vocal.

Gary suggested that I ask his mum to take the cat for the night, so that we could make a proper plan in the morning. I called her and explained (at almost ten at night!) and she agreed to take him.

Layla and Hannes arrived, scanned the cat and confirmed that he wasn’t chipped. They also confirmed that he was a male and hadn’t been neutered. They were kind enough to bring some food with them and we decided that I’d ask Gary’s mum to take the cat up to the local cat home in the morning.

I gathered up all the bits that he would need (thankfully I had spare cat litter under the stairs!), wrestled him into the cat box and got him over to Christine and Terry’s.

The cat was very vocal, both in the car and when I let him out in the flat, but he settled down and was apparently well behaved overnight.

I got home and collapsed into bed, finally falling asleep just before midnight.


When I checked Facebook the next day, I’d had several messages from people that live on the estate to say that they had seen the cat hanging around on one specific road. Based on the number of people that had said it and given that the cats home also didn’t have a space for him, we decided to let him out on the estate, with the hope that he would find his way home.

Terry released him that morning and he trotted straight off.

We haven’t seen him since but I hope that he found his way home. And if he hasn’t, we are keeping an eye out for him and will scoop him up if we need to.

It was quite an adventure and it’s made me cuddle Cassidy that little bit tighter.


And if you have a cat; please remember to put a collar on them, have them chipped and have them neutured!


VJ x


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