Messing About On The River

I am STILL blogging from my phone (four weeks of no internet, AVOID Talk Talk at all costs) but I wanted to post some photographs from a lovely family time that we had last weekend.

Terry loves to be on the water and so for Father’s Day, Gary and Dean bought us all a trip on the river, with a cream tea, on The Lady Lina.

We had the most wonderful time and I think that the photographs speak for themselves…


Family time is the best time and I feel very lucky to have this lot in my life.


VJ x

Father’s Day

I had a different and more detailed post plannned for this week but our internet has crapped out and won’t work on our laptops (no Netflix!), so a post from my phone will have to do!

I’d like to wish all the dads, daddies, papas, fathers, step-fathers and fathers-in-law a very happy Father’s Day; I hope you have a wonderful time and that you get spoiled by those you love.

And if you don’t have your dad with you – for whatever reason – just know that I’m thinking of you and I hope that today isn’t too tough.

There are two great men in my life; my dad and Gary. Both are kind and patient and funny and loving and I feel lucky to love and be loved by them.


VJ x