Use Your Voice

On the 8th of June, the UK will go back to the polls, for another General Election.

Like a lot of people, it seems to me that we have been constantly voting on one thing or another recently and I can see why people would be getting tired of it.

But one of the wonderful things about living in a democracy is that every citizen is given the right to help decide who runs our country and what we as a nation choose to stand for.


They say that you shouldn’t discuss money, religion or politics in public but given that I’ve already discussed religion (or lack thereof) and have future plans to discuss my financial situation and how I handle it, we might as well tackle politics as well!

I am a firm believer in educating yourself, not being swayed by the way other people around you are voting and for letting your beliefs guide your voting.

I am a leftie, I believe in a fair society for all, where those at the bottom are helped by those at the top. I believe that education should be free and that our NHS is the best thing to ever come out of our country (except maybe J.K.Rowling…). I believe that our society is enriched and improved by accepting people from other countries and backgrounds and I voted to remain in the EU.


But irregardless of how you vote and what you believe in, what I am most passionate about is that everyone uses their voice and votes.

It’s a responsiblity that I take very seriously and I genuinely don’t understand how someone that is eligible and able to vote would choose not to.

There are so many resources online these days, which help explain the different parties and the candidates and registering has never been easier.

Here, I’ll help you; just click this link.

As one of my favourite YouTubers, Hannah Witton, recently showed, it takes less than three minutes to register and you can choose to vote in person at your local polling station or via post.

So it genuinely couldn’t be any easier!


You only have until tomorrow (22nd May) to register to vote in this election, so if you haven’t done it already please register now.

There is just no excuse not to and if you want your voice to be heard: VOTE!


VJ x