I don’t know what to write about…

Sunday is blog day.

I’ve written a post every week for the last ten months and today is the first day that I really don’t know what to write about.

I’m trying not to beat myself up about it, ten months is a pretty good winning streak.

And let’s face it, writers block happens to everyone, right?

This has been a huge week for the UK and whilst we’re still currently stuck with a Tory government (with an extra helping of crazy in the form of the DUP), I was so pleased to see the massive Labour upswing and the huge turnout from both the general population and the under twenty-five vote. Even though we didn’t manage to oust the Tories, we still showed them that we do care, that we are watching and that whilst they might consider themselves to be secure, they really aren’t.

On a personal level, it’s been kind of a weird week, which might be why my frazzled brain is struggling to find something coherant to write about. Life is so busy  and full on right now that I seem to be on a constant treadmill to nowhere. Work, home, Gary, Charlie, family stuff, wedding planning, trying to squeeze my friends in, bootcamp (a surprisingly fun form of torture that I may write about if I can remember to take some photographs at some stage) and the occasional bit of reading don’t leave me with much space to breathe.

This week will be no different. Haircut and colour on Monday (the red needs to go, it just fades too fast! Plus I my fringe needs a trim, I’m starting to look like I belong in a 90’s boyband), bootcamp on Tuesday, dinner with Gary’s mum on Wednesday (we meet up once a month on our own, to have good chat and some food in peace!), bootcamp Thursday, food shopping Friday and then we’re into a Charlie weekend and it’s Fathers Day on Sunday.  Plus a 45 hour work week and a house to keep. Yeesh.

But hey, that’s adult life and I’m lucky to have such a full one.

I said at the start of this that I didn’t know what to write about and now I don’t know how to finish it off. 400 words of nothing is kind of hard to round off.

Life is busy. Life is full. Life is good.

But sometimes, my brain could do with a little break.


Told you that I need a fringe trim.

VJ x